Andrea Pirlo announces his Retirement

Following the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup, Andrea Pirlo announced his plans to retire from playing at the international scene but even at his 35 years of age, Pirlo is one of the most influential and key figures not only for his club Juventus but also for Italy.

The head coach of Italy, Antonio Conte decided to have a meeting with Pirlo and somehow managed to convince the experienced midfielder on staying with the Italian team for a few more years.

When Pirlo was asked in an interview about the possibility of retiring, the Italian midfielder responded by saying: “Of course, there’s enough Pirlo to go for a while. I still have a few years of football ahead.I still love this sport the way I did when I was 15. When I wake up one day and that’s no longer the case, I’ll retire.But that moment is still very distant. Antonio Conte called me and asked me if I would be willing to lend my country a hand for Euro 2016. And he convinced me.

“In 2006 we had an unrepeatable generation and that year’s World Cup was our moment.”

Andrea Pirlo’s decision to continue playing for a few more years is a sigh of relief for many supporters of the Italian national side as there still has not been any other player that can replace him. Read more »

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Antonio Conte may leave Italy Football before Euro 2016

After being appointed as the replacement for Cesare Prandelli only in the summer, there have been several reports that Italy manager Antonio Conte would resign even before the next round of Euro 2016 qualifying matches.

The former Juventus manager has been regarded as one of the brightest in Italy football at this age.Conte has been reportedly unhappy with the way Italian clubs have not supported him. According to close sources,Conte feels that Italian Serie A clubs can do a lot more when it comes to giving him the players that he needs in order to get the results with Italy.

Conte me have managed five victories and one draw from his six matches, but his future is seemingly under doubt. However, he has brushed aside any rumours by confirming that he intends to see his contract with the national team. Read more »

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