Italy Football League: Napoli Seals the First One in 33 Years


Finally, Napoli has ended their long wait for winning Serie A, joining the late Diego Maradona, the club icon in the history books as he was crowned Italian Champions with a record that equals 5 matches to play. At Udinese, the 1-1 draw gave Napoli the point required to end 33 years of waiting. It led to wild celebrations among innumerable fans in Udine- at Naples StadioMaradona and biggest city in southern Italy.


Fans streamed onto the ground at Dacia Arena for celebrating after a season dominated by the side of Luciano Spalletti, creating moments of tension with supporters from the home ground not happy at such open partying on the pitch. In the second half, Victor Osimben scored a decisive goal as the current star of Napoli came back from trailing to the opener of Sandi Lovric at half-time and assess the teams headed by Maradona that won the league in both 1987 and 1990.  Continue reading