25 thoughts on “Battle of Santiago

  1. Rob Taylor

    3:40 Classic blindsiding technique. *offers hand* “Well played sir” CRASH! straight round the chops. Marvellous.

  2. oxXPrometeoXxo

    Hoy se conmemoraron 50 años de este partido. A pesar de ser tan violento, estoy orgulloso que el equipo de mi pais haya quedado tercero a nivel mundial. VIVA CHILE!
    Today we conmemorate 50 years of this match. Despite being so violent, I am proud that my country’s team has been third in the world.

  3. JaroWars

    i lost count of how many times he said “i’ve ever seen”

    come to think about it, i have no idea how anyone could watch football on tv in black and white… the players are totally undistinguishable!

  4. MrTotila

    As always the media distort the facts for propaganda purposes. Chile was probably more aligned with Britain’s national interests at the time.

  5. Chakalissimo

    Chile was trying to stand up from the biggest earthquake in history, the worldcup probably was a little joy to the people, and comes and journalist from italy saying the country was terrible, just poverty misery , prostitution, alcoholism etc…. I understand the anger of the players.

  6. nicky29031977

    the best world cup slug fest ever! what touched it off was an italian newspaper article about santiago being dirty and chilean women being whores! 

  7. jeffstorey14

    David Coleman said Chile were prepared to be reasonable the Italians only used force…I think its six of one and half a dozen of the other, that Right Hook by the Chilean number 11 doesnt look that reasonable to me

  8. Alan Wilkinson

    Real football played by real men. Get in there! Ha ha ha. The worst part, though, was the pompous, condescending and self-righteous intro by one of the world’s worst football commentators, David ‘one nil’ Coleman – who gave his name to the infamous Colemanballs column in Private Eye.

  9. TheCosmicHuman

    Chileans were angry with the Italians because the italians had been told that Chilean womens They dressed as prostitutes.

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