25 thoughts on “World Cup 1934 Final – Italy 2:1 Czechoslovakia

  1. SuperJuliusC

    You know… I wrote this nine month ago… and the fact that it goes under the skin of so many guys in here proofs that there must at be least a bit little truth behind what I said – But it really doesn`t matter because it was almost 80 years ago and there are much more important things happening in the world than football!

    By the way: I guess I`ll search myself a new favorite sport – Football has become such a big commercial bullshit in the last couple of years…

  2. nitrotek1938

    And another thing, to show that Itally’s footbal teams were amongst the best in this period (1928-38): Italy’s team arrived third in the Olimpic games 1928, when the olimpics were like the world cup, and won the gold medal in footbal in the olimpics 1936. Italy also won 2 editions of the International Cup (check wiki central european international cup): in 1927-30 and in 1933-35, beating phenomenal teams like Austria, Hungry and Checkoslovakia.

  3. nitrotek1938

    Not official at all, the ‘oriundi’ were part of whole generations of italians emigrated abroad (indeed, you can check their surnames: alla italian surnames) and for the italian law you are an italian if your parents are italians, regardless of your place of birth. italy of the 1930s was simply one of the best nations, along with Uruguay, Austria, Spain and England (check the battle of highbury!!)

  4. SuperJuliusC

    The “drug-thing” again…

    First of all: It has never been proven! All there is is a piece of paper – No blood samples etc.!

    Second: Even if the germans were “doped” in 1954 – It wasn`t ilegal back then!

    And about 1974: There has never been a deal between East and West Germany – That was right after the so called “Brandt/Guillaume affair” so that I really doubt that both countries had any contact with each other!

    Of course West Germany decided to lose this game – And that`s absolutely okay!

  5. 77maxiking

    No, the truth is that even Brazil and Argentina had foreign players and Italy had 3 players originally from South America who already lived in Italy. You want to talk about cheating: what about the Germans on drugs when they won their wc in 1954. This is proven and their win should be withdrawn or what about the olympic games in berlin 1936, the so called “hitler games” or what about the deal with eastern germany in 1974 to reach an easier group. The f.Germans are the masters of cheating around!

  6. vagadellestelle

    Can you please show me precisely the rules of FIFA of the 1930s which *explicitly* declares that Oriundi players were not allowed to play for Italy? Thank you. Oh, and Mussolini did never “buy” any player from Argentina, Uruguay or anywhere else for that matter.

  7. 90Spada

    The players shown at the end of the video,like Monzeglio,Orsi and Schiavi were really the best players in the world.

  8. 3lrond3

    Our Joe wants to know if your Joe will lend our Joe your Joe’s banjo. If your Joe won’t lend our Joe your Joe’s banjo our Joe won’t
    lend your Joe our Joe’s banjo when our Joe has a banjo.. fuck u julius

  9. LeLocoLaBruteLeMamba

    That is not true. Players like Raimondo Orsi were born in Argentina, yes, but lived in Italy during their whole life! So they became ITALIANS! Officially! Like Mauro Camoranesi, born in Argentina and then naturalized in Italy, he also won the 2006 World Cup!
    Now SHUT UP Jealous Julius, you ignorant!

  10. ZlataNLeoN1

    All what matter is that in that time was hard to match the rulles so its not only italy every one broke but u are talking because they won it.. The only one true cheater is England 1966 and maybe germany or maybe sure against england 2 years ago at 1930 hard to go with rulles but to play on 2 sides was not a rulle then even at 60 puskas did playd for Spain too look at that..

  11. SuperJuliusC

    All I said was that Italy`s nomination policy of the 1938 World Cup was ilegal by FIFA standards of this particular era!

    But I really don`t care!

    And back to the original poster: In 1938 Germany and Austria had the best football teams in the world!

    But when Austria joined Germany Hitler wanted a combined team out of political reasons – The austrian and german players hated each other and the tournament became a big failure for this “german” team!

  12. ZlataNLeoN1

    It was not just italia there was not such rule even at 60th u have such players playing for 2 countries … Anyway FORZA ITALIA FOREVER

  13. zergios97

    I disagree. the only fake world cup was the 1998 world cup, when france paid brazil to substitute all their good players and play differently so the french team could please their country since france held the 1998 world cup

  14. klausgeorg01

    Cheated game with east Germans? Are you serious??? Obviously you don’t know anything about politics, though, but you are only a goddamn nationalist, as one could presue by your wording….

    And there was this 3 years- rule by FIFA back then. Even if they had Italian roots, that does not make ANY difference.

  15. ILSignorAntonio

    Your foolness is official. Germany = africans, niggers, ghanians, polish players in this actual team, drugs used in 1954 to beat the hungarians, cheated match in 1974 with East Germany to get an easy group without Netherlands. The real cheaters = germans. 41 years of frustation = 82, 2006, 70 = 40 anni che state a rosicà.

  16. ILSignorAntonio

    South americans with ITALIAN parents and italian blood and only in 1934 wc there were 3-11 of oriundi 😉 In 1938 only Andreolo was an uruguyan-italian player among the 11. The south americans were ORSI, ANDREOLO and MONTI. Don’t they seem italian surnames ? Monti like our prime minister. Ah ok our prime minister is argentinian 🙂 ROSICA MALEDETTO!!

  17. coldassassin99

    I understand how some national teams use some foreign players, but Italy’s team was primarily composed of South American players. Their 1934 and 1938 world cup victories are tainted. True Fact!

  18. eltotti1971

    Es posible, yo tengo recopilados datos de bajas todos los mundiales, y a Teléki lo tengo como “sin fecha de fallecimiento” (“date of death unknown”).

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