25 thoughts on “Italy vs Slovakia Fifa World Cup 2010 (2-3)

  1. SkISl0pE

    I’m Canadian. Like I said, I’m sorry if you can’t control your emotions and got offended over what, something I said over the “internet”? Thanks anyway.

  2. Giumelz

    it was sad to watch, but it was the shock Italian football needed, when you reach the mountain top the only way is down. Now under Prandelli there is a new, exciting expedition and we have already seen it start the climb

  3. sirblaine

    i remember this game only because it was so epic, and that throw in goal and last chip goal are some of my favorites

  4. arthur88604

    Man although Italy lost I was sad even though I’m Colombian, Mann that last goal of Italy, fabio scored the beautiful sweet goal EVERRRRR!! Wooww so beast!! Thumbs up hell idc what people say

  5. tankdestructo

    For all ignorant bastards, czechoslavakia was runner up in the fifa world cup twice and winner of the european chamionship in 1976 largely due to the slovakian player panenka. Yes slovakia, may have a shit team and italy is miles better, but thats only half a team. A reunited czechoslovakia would place it back u in the big leagues among the best and brightest of the world.

  6. lemaindeuday

    The move that led to Italy’s first goal (backheel) was the kind of beautiful football everyone was waiting to watch. I don’t know why Italy had been sleeping throughout the tournament and just woke up in the last 20 min of this match when elimination became apparent.

  7. ihatewestlifesince99

    Im not surprized 2 c the record # of trolls on this video. I mean it is ITALY,4 TIMES WORLD CHAMPS who lost,not an average team of overrated underachievers like England. I agree we sucked last year but we’ll be back,as sure as the sun shines & birds fly,Italy will win the world cup again. I’l leave u haters to enjoy our failure

  8. SkISl0pE

    I hate the Italian team, no offence to anybody. I can’t deny they’re a great team and they played well, but they’re all slimy divers.

    Again, no offence to anybody. I’m only ripping on the team, those greasy cheaters.

  9. Nightmare0805

    first of all it isnt called soccer, it is called FOOTBALL you piece of shit, second, why does Italy need more cups? they have 4 already, that’s 4 more than what the USA has. LOL

  10. jayjaymazz

    the only cup you going to see is the one that the armenian took a nice juicy shit in,seems to me that the euro is not for amateurs like yourself asshole,so keep om dreaming about a slovakia cup which the odds are about 3 000 000 000 0000 0000 to 1 we dont need to worry about cup 4 is great better than shit like yours cunt11111111111111111111

  11. Bruce Lee

    Brazil still made it further in the finals :L and italy is only 4 times champion brazil is 5 to gg FAg ASS

  12. MrTremeboy

    What the fuck Italy kicks ass! They managed to score 2 goals in less than 10 fucking minutes! they won 4 world cups. Slovakia won shit!

  13. ap821116

    you obviously have no clue….Italy is shit? You dont win 4 titles being a shit team and when italy are the only team guilty of falling over easily or until it is breaking any rules stop whining. Italy will be successful again in the future because like only a handful of teams they have a winning culture and know how to win the big one. I will only admit that in this match Slovakia played a great game and never allowed italy to get into the match.so they deserve credit.

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