25 thoughts on “World Cup 1982 Final – Italy 3:1 Germany

  1. Megadeth72

    I’m not from Germany

    you know what’s sad for England? that’s the only time they reached the final unless you count Euro where England achievement is 1 time semifinalist, 4th place

  2. Gunner Peters

    I remember wanting West Germany to win this final then. But now that I think about it…I’m glad Italy ultimately won!

  3. 1middlesbrough

    Germans superior, i think most people think Germans are inferior to others; beautiful language though 

  4. EBRRA199910

    لا تهآوشون يآ أمريكيين مآيصير .. حنا اخوان ههههه

  5. featherinthewind123

    itsly after the first round had a tough route to winning the trophy (they had to meet the last three champions in four games: argentina, w germany, brasil) and they put them to the sword, not to mention polands greatest ever team,
    italy of ’82 were masters of the counter attack, they peaked at the right time, excellent team

  6. Griswald1893

    kangaroos? Because you´re a fucked up Barca cunt from Down Under? I guess so hahaha!

  7. FireRaptor100

    In this championship Germany eliminated Spain, and was the second victory of germany over Spain in a World Cup, unfortunately, in 2010 they took their revenge for this.

  8. Deisenhausener

    Argentina-Spain 4:1
    Portugal-Spain 4:0

    Spain? Seriously WorldChampion? Pathetic…

  9. 19Leviathan14

    I don´t think i am superior to any other people from other countries of the world and i´m german so why do people like still make stereotypes about others?
    What was before Argentina-Germany 2010? Germans did do nothing only beating Argentina 4-0 after Maradona said they´ll beat us easily.
    Or do you hate every German because you think every German is like you think?

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