24 thoughts on “World Cup 1970 Final – Brazil 4:1 Italy

  1. chrissy17169

    have always been amused how ‘defensive’ italy scored 8 times in quarters/semis &conceded 7 in semi/final.fine players in riva/rivera/mazzola.semi was one the greatest world cup games ever.no world cup has/ever will match this one.not a single red card in whole tournament.so different from today

  2. ShortieLeeroy

    That 4th goal were amazing.Loved the way Rivelino danced his way out of trouble to keep the attack moving.

  3. msanm5

    I exactly know what you said. You´re talking about the ´´time´´ factor.

    But for exactly that ´´time´´ factor, football today is harder than on the 60´s and 70´s.

    As you can see, my point its still there. The only thing you did was answering why I am right. 🙂

  4. caralesb

    u didnt get the point my friend, the Level of football rised up about 5 times like u said and is very natural, but it doenst mean that “now” is Better five times 😉 and this is for everything else in the world. U can’t say that the Invention of Internet is better than the Newspaper, or that the US army is better than Napoleon’s army, u know what I mean? Try to think oppositely as well, would Xavi for instance, play like Xavi if he was born 30 years ago? would him reach this incredible level?

  5. msanm5

    So tell me which league is harder…the spanish league or the league from Haiti?

    On Haiti, there less money, no phisical conditions, no medicine and less training.

    Therefore Haiti´s league is harder that Spanish?

    It´s about the GAME LEVEL. Nowadays football is harder, faster and by far more intelligent. Like 5 times harder.

    You just got owned.

  6. caralesb

    pero asi non es la unica forma de ver las cosas, porque tu podrias decir “como se portarian los jugadores de hoy tenendo las mismas condiciones de antes”? un Xavi o Iniesta con los treinos, condiciones, la plata, nutricion, etc de los jugadores de los años 60, 70 80….. o mesmo lo contrario, como seria Pelé, maradona, garrincha jugando futbol con las condiciones de hoy, formacion, nutricion..etc…… Messi es un exemplo, si tuviera nacido 30 años atrás non seria jugador, la medicina hizo a el.

  7. caralesb

    Sorry friend, but I think that is a very simple view of football or sport in general you are having, because in other hand you can say that is easier to play nowadays, medicine, phisical conditions, “money”, training etc everything improved, so of course players and the game are stronger and faster now. but you cant see like this. who’s better? M.Ali or some current boxer? Jesse Owens or any runner from today? the current ones can be faster or stronger, but it doesnt mean they are better 😉

  8. charlottooth

    I don´t know if spain is the best of the history, or brazil 70…but finally Itally lost by 4!!!

  9. AVFCsi02

    This Brazil team is much better than Spain’s current team. Ability wise, Brazil play the best football of all time.

  10. msanm5

    Chelsea defend with 10 players.

    Barcelona missed so many chances and Chelsea was lucky. On football, not every year you´re going to win.

    Find me a video of this Brazil, touching the ball and playing as fast as Barcelona.

    Football on the 70´s was way easier than now. Now it´s faster and more intelligent,.

    I find you to be very innocent, I dont have words to describe how dumb I think your comment was. No kidding.

  11. znhait

    I know, you are so right. Just like a Chelsea team who finished 6th in the Premier League were able to beat them in a two-legged tie. Instead of Lampard, Drogba and Ramires, you’d have Pele, Gerson, Jairzinho, etc. If you know football, you should be able to pick who is better between the Chelsea players and the Brazilian players.

  12. djpro2012djpro

    en su epoca eran los mejores, pero un equipo de ahora los funde fisicamente y tacticamente

  13. Ctiradloss

    We will never know which team would be better. But if there was a match between those two teams I would place my bet to team Brazil

  14. javy7V

    LOL!!! You can say all you want but SPAIN has do story , winning 3 championship follows , and BRASIL didnt do it

  15. HarveyPriceFTW

    Best Team I have ever seen,brilliant,exciting & entertaining.Spain were lucky to get out of their group at Euros 2012 & boring.

  16. virtue08mofo

    Great team but they have now been knocked down a peg to 2nd place,this Spanish team is more complete with a defense and a well better GK than Brazil have ever had and the Spanish are slightly better technically than this team.Plus they have won more trophies.
    Spain 08 – 12 > Brazil 70.

  17. hahakb03

    cant compare the two teams together. this team was best for their time. This spain team is the best of their time.

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