25 thoughts on “World Cup 1938 Final – Hungary 2:4 Italy

  1. VitoCarleone28

    la nostra storia potrebbe essere ripetuta in tempi moderni .. 2006 del team complimenti;-)

  2. eltotti1971

    Valga como ejemplo la absurda forma de historiar el fútbol argentino, en donde los sabihondos pseudohistoriadores ponen como punto de partida la creación de la FAF en 1931 (luego AFA desde 1934, vulgo profesionalismo), creando amnesia sobre todo lo ocurrido concretamente antes de esa fecha, e incluso ignorando olímpicamente a la AAAF, que continuó sus actividades deportivas hasta 1934 inclusive, cuando la AFA la absorbió y mandó al descenso a todos los equipos que la integraban.

  3. eltotti1971

    No está mal pensado lo suyo. Suele haber un estereotipo periodístico de tomar como base una determinada fecha como punto de partida para historiar los hechos, y todo lo que queda atrás es sistemáticamente borrado, como si se pudiera borrar la Historia. Así se falsea y tergiversa la historia, creando “hiatus” en donde existieron hechos concretos.

  4. AldoAlonso89

    Uruguay has 15 copa america, 4 world champion and 1980 world champions

    all that with just 3 million people today, do you think???

  5. AldoAlonso89

    lol watch the video I suggested youtube and not be ignorant!

    searching in you tube: “Uruguay campeon del mundo 1924, 1928, 1930 y 1950”

  6. fiofodiveia

    Sorry I don’t understand your tribal dialect. Go back to school to learn proper English then come here again write something inteligible. Until then, 3 decades will have gone past and Uruguay will remain a two-time-world-champions and there’s nothing you or your bad English teachers in Motevideo can do about it.
    PS: 30 years from now, Brazill will have won some 8 or 10 world cups already and no Lympics will be included in this story.

  7. AldoAlonso89

    because names?? I would love to have that title as Canada but that was Olympic world, gave him to Uruguay and worldwide since 1924 and 1928 were organized by FIFA and declared it apart Jules Rimet

    you have a pint of Argentine insulting, it is believed, and have problems with all

    pd: see on you tube: “Uruguay campeon mundial 1924, 1928, 1930 y 1950”

    is a documentary of spain, is very good 🙂

  8. fiofodiveia

    How sick are you, asshole? Everytime you stop taking your medication you come up with this shit of Uruguay four times World Champion. Get Real! Who cares about fucking Olympics?? If that was so, then All the planet would acknowledge Canada as Football World Champions of 1904!! Wow! What a great feit of Canada!! Oh, didn’t you know that?? Of course not, idiot! Stop trying to claim this shit. Uruguay has won only two cups. Period!

  9. MrGerunicas

    Italy was the strongest team in the world in those years. But it was also mussolini’s italy. This explains because after the war the silence descended on these facts and in 1958 a rievocation of the event was interrupted by ex-partizans that burned the hall.

  10. Robi91mytex

    Hungary was a good team until the second World War…. Here they met the Russians and the Germans, the country’s ruined, many people had to flee… The country has finally fallen apart , the construction of the country had to start from scratch.

  11. cougarfighting

    Fuck! i wish the 1940’s world cups would of happened even if they were smaller it would of given the world cup more history.

  12. truvianni

    I am a Milanista so I do not care if you google my name you will see my work “Truvianni”

  13. FGalaxie

    ah, I am half Ligure also, but in Aus.
    Pity about Sampdoria this year, from champions league to almost relegation.

  14. truvianni

    I know they were are Italian like I am as my father was Italian his family was from Genoa. I know a lot about footbal and I did not know that about the United States team maybe that is why nobody says anything about that they did not know it

  15. FGalaxie

    They all have Italian blood, so are really Italians.
    Under Italian law they can return to the motherland and get citizenship.
    The early usa teams were made up of Scottish and english expats, why doesnt anyone say anything about that?

  16. truvianni

    io sono Italo Americano si lei voi poi scribere in Italiano capisco tutto. En Italia giocca anche Camoranessi nato en Argentina e il 34 giocco Monti chi era Argentino, Altafinni nato en Brasile gioco per l’Italia en il 62 anche noi aviamo d’ il stranieri chiaro che bianchi ma straniero e Italiani nati dichiamo foura di l’Italia

  17. FGalaxie

    And now they are even more fishy, especially Brazils ones.
    Cough cough, Haveange and blatter.

  18. FGalaxie

    Mezzo Italiano credo. he made his choice, good luck to him.
    But at least Platini is of a European race, who played for a European country.

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