22 thoughts on “Italy Training Camp

  1. MW2Baillistick

    I’m Italian, and I suck at soccer. The good thing is that I’m amazing in any other sport.

  2. JBurns5145

    @velvetvelluto you fucking retard it was made in 2004, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t of known anything about the riot that was gonna happen in 7years time were they you mug

  3. mm190026

    celui qui a posté cette video est un sale fils de pute et sa mere c’est fait baiser par un ane

  4. velvetvelluto

    It is their insecurities and the fact that they lack balls!!! do you remember Monty Python’s Meaning of life?

  5. velvetvelluto

    Wow! Is this English satire?? Why doesnt the Guardian focus on the rioting, pillaging and football hooliganism that is seemingly fashionable in England. That would be a lot funnier than this.

  6. FGalaxie

    This video is ENGLAND
    no blacks then on the Italy team.
    And other teams cheat and dive more than Italy, Brazil, Spain, Germany, England with Gerrard.
    Italy just isnt fashionable.

  7. derandumismist

    no but im just saying this from the games i have seen and what i have been told , im sorry if ive affended you =)

  8. nick1177

    you can’t defend barca’s diving. it’s ridiculous how much they flop all over the place constantly esp vs madrid. it doesn’t take away from their skill being the best on the planet but it’s highly disappointing.

  9. abihard

    I understand why you’d make a comment like that, I mean, if I didn’t support Barcelona, I too would be incredibly jealous of them, and I would post hate comments accusing them of cheating and diving because, I too, have no class. So, are you an upset United fan or Madrid fan? Or are you just English?

  10. danthearsenalfan

    ur an idiot. how is all their world cups won on penalties. in fact they suck at penalties, they just upped their game in 2006. they lost the 1994 final on penalties AGAINST BRASIL!! and italy went on to lose on penalties to spain in euro 2008.n And rivaldo’s dive in 2002 is fair isnt it???? get your facts right before you post

  11. ulyzes99

    LMFAO THIS IS SO TRUE, italy sucks at soccer their world cups are mostly from penalty shots and any team can win there, brasil is a real team, all of their world cups are fair and their the only team to qualify for the world cup tournament every time. learn how to play soccer italy and stop diving. ps – i dont care about spelling so smd.

  12. hdaaap

    english are always hating on italy…is it the 4 world cup victories? the beautiful women? or the food?? lol….

  13. Serapherus

    nope, just a non-american A.K.A. a non brainwashed member of the circus maximus your society made to keep you a dump ape and not seeing above that low mental level. 🙂

  14. Lewis2931

    did some on just say soccer is more manly than football and hockey?????? are you fucked

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