Ventura Accuses Antonio Conte of Raising National Team’s Average Age


Antonio Conte is regarded as one of the best coaches to come out of the Italian Serie A in the last decade.

Alongside the likes of Carlo Ancelotti, they have been the new generation of Italian managers to go around Europe and dominate their specific leagues. Ancelotti is the reigning Champions League winner while Conte looks like he may win a major trophy in his first season at Chelsea. The former Juventus and Italian national team manager has made a spectacular start to life at West London. His successor at the national team level, Giampiero Ventura, appears to have one or two issues with the former Italy boss.

Ventura has used strong words to describe the former national team boss’ time with Italy and Juventus. Conte has managed to go from success to success largely because of his impressive record with Juventus. He managed to get the club from the second division of Italian football into successive champions in the Italian Serie A all in the space of a few years.

After his recent stint with the Italian national team, he has moved to Chelsea in what would be his first major job outside Italy. Unsurprisingly, there are several references made by current manager Giampiero Ventura about the status of the national team.

Ventura believes that the national team has a tough situation since Conte left behind an ageing team.”The European Championship left us with one of the oldest squads in the last 150 years,” said Ventura. Conte may have struggled to replace several of the important players from the national team, but he did extremely well in terms of just results. Ventura argues that Conte had a great opportunity to reduce the age of the national team, but he chose not to in order to preserve his individual records.