25 thoughts on “Spain v Italy Euro 2012 Final Preview

  1. netoelchido

    Brazil has no style as they use to… Way back they did… Now they just have good players but don’t know how to manage them!

  2. sabi41

    the only reason your saying this is because you don’t like italy. seriously kid if you played this sport you wouldn’t be saying these kind of stuff. italy had all the right to be in the final, the best england in quarter and germany in the semi, italy deserved to be in the finals. shame on you for saying these thing.

  3. Nabiboss

    I’m not laughing at him,I’m laughing at the fact that most people,including me,thought Italy would win! (I predicted 3-2 Italia) but it wasnt even a football match,it was rape. :S
    superb effort from Balotelli and Chiellini though. :S

  4. FlyingRat1

    He made a prediction, and it didn’t come up. Big deal, don’t see why so many people are pissing themselves about it.

  5. FlyingRat1

    Yeah I get it. I know it’s tactically fantastic, even though it may be “boring”. That’s what kind of bugged me about Blackpool when they were up. They went out to just play free-flowing football, attacking all the time, and inevitably got beat half the time and down they went. It’s all about results at the end of the day, doesn’t matter how you get it.

  6. TheFootballDaily

    I think they managed to show that they could win despite not playing at their best, which is a great quality for a team to have. It just annoys me that in England everyone is obsessed with playing this brand of so called “exciting football” rather than technically or tactically effective football.

  7. FlyingRat1

    To be fair, that’s the only game I’ve been totally blown away by them. They were pretty lacklustre in their other games, especially the knockout games. Last night, they were incredible though. I know I said Pirlo was POTT, but Iniesta runs him pretty damn close. Alba as well.

  8. Andrei Cristea

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