25 thoughts on “Argentina – Italy World Cup 1990 semifinal penalties FULL

  1. TheForge10

    Joao Havelange was a corrupt scumbag. He taught Blatter everything he knows. Blatter awarding that little desert patch of a country the world cup was a complete disgrace. Might as well award it to new caledonia. FIFA – sloth

  2. mulleoops

    This would have been the biggest scandal if Argentina had won this tournament. They were only waiting for the penalty shoot out

  3. DonQwantsyou

    good point! I remember watching that game and I never even thought of it. Interestingly, during the 1982 final when Italy was awarded a penalty it was taken by of all people the left back cabrini when P. Rossi the player of the tourney was overlooked. Cabrini simply said that because Antognoni was injured and not available he was the second in line to take penalties, probably because each team has specialists, like field goal kickers in football, to take them

  4. marianitoelrosarino

    Bastaba la presencia de Maradona en campo para amedrentar al rival. Si no hubiese estado lesionado otra habría sido la historia

  5. nipo10847

    Maradona’s was João Havelange’s nightmare. He made the world cup history stinky by rigging the final match. It was a shame to the football world. Even the Germans were let down with that. They deserved to win but not with cheating help. History will always underline that world cup finals with a question mark. I bet João Havelange still wishes he could have prevented Maradona from being the greatest player of all time.

  6. captain2ahab

    i rember, that i suppotrted argentina that day. playing itlay in roma would have been very difficult for us

  7. MYacono

    @tyzhen @MYacono: This was recently deleted from Wikipedia

    1 thing is the refs, the other is from the top. Havelange was brazilian and was so angry after Argentina eliminated Brazil in 1990 In 1999, Jorge Humberto Rojano, ex-pres of the Mexican Referees Association, said in an interview with La Jornada that FIFA, at that time managed by Brazilian João Havelange, would only allow Codesal to supervise the final match if he prevented Argentina from winning”.
    detonator2112 7 months ago 7

  8. mskidi

    yeah.when they got past USSR with maradonas hand,past Yugoslavia playing with ten men for 100 minutes,cameroon finishing with 9 in the first game nothing was wrong.when they beat england in QF with maradonas hand and when they fixed the game with peru in 1978 nothing was wrong.when they lost to a better team suddenly conspiracy

  9. karlvorderman

    Check out the book ‘England’s World Cup Adventures Since 1945, A Complete Record’ by Talented Loser.

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