25 thoughts on “Puma Italy 2012-2013 Home Jersey Showcase

  1. LaPalestraFitness514

    I’m Italian and I am so sick and tired of Puma sponsoring the Italy jersey,
    I really dislike the lack of ingenuity they put in the sweater. I would
    never wear a collar like that, really unappealing. The only Puma, Italy
    jersey worth buying, would be the one they made for the Confederations cup.
    Kappa and Diadora made the nicest jersey’s for the Azzurri in my opinion.

  2. Hilario Negrete

    I understand you want to sponsor an Italian brand Italian selection, but
    sales and marketing issues to puma and the Italian soccer federation should
    be attached to them, but so is this the world of jerseys, hear a question
    that you feel that your selection has so much history and world titles and
    become a world power? Greetings friend

  3. Hilario Negrete

    believe me friend Puma is a lot more quality than the brands you mention
    puma is of the top three sports brands in the world besides what they
    intend to do in every new jersey is that quality is only the truth in what
    the staff is very nice jersey and that I’m not Italian I’m Mexican we have
    to believe me sponsor adidas puma this wing forefront as adidas and nike,

  4. LaPalestraFitness514

    I totally understand what you are saying but I guess when I compare our
    earlier jersey’s to the more modern ones, I definitely enjoy the older
    models. Puma has more money than the other brands I mentioned. Puma has
    more money, plain and simple. They offer the most amount of money,
    therefore they become the sponsor. I just believe that an Italian soccer
    distributor should sponsor the Italian National team. Kappa and Diadora
    make very impressive jersey’s even if they are a smaller company imo.

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