25 thoughts on “Mario Balotelli is two-goal hero as Italy defeat Germany: Euro 2012 Mixer

  1. Anon Ymous

    He was born in Palermo from ghanaian immagrants. When he was very young, they put him up for adoption and Balotelli was adopted by Italian parents.

  2. zer0nable

    Klose & Podolski have german Roots , they are born in the former german Province Silesia

    stfu if you know a shit about it

  3. greventlov

    I see no video about the final, perhaps you all had to recant on your Spain is boring propaganda, ehh? Take it like men admit you were wrong, no appreciation of proper footy and full of shit and move on

  4. assa sadas

    spain may be boring but if the opposing team doesnt have the ball they cant score, its theyre strategy. and it works.

  5. furkkan68

    American fools go watch american football.youre dumb like shit , its football in british english and goddamn soccer in stupid american english

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