21 thoughts on “Italy 3 v 2 Brazil at world cup 1982. Classic match

  1. algrand90

    you’re right but brazil from 1994 to 2002 was unstoppable because they mixed their samba football with defensive aggressivity

  2. LeonardoMaia29

    i Did a mistake, my english is not too good, i tought center-foward was the conductor ( MIDFIELD), so, i said the mid field was one of the best midfield i ever seen because there were Socrates.

  3. NumquamB

    Stop whining like girl,football may have died in 1974, definitely NOT in 1982,NETHERLANDS = TOTAL VOETBALL;BRAZIL=GREAT INDIVIDUAL TALENT,BUT NOT TACTICALLY EVOLVED TEAM PLAY

  4. hugodrax71

    the centre-forward was Serginho who was not world class…Brazil conceded goals against USSR, Scotland, Argentina and Italy, the only clean sheet was against New Zealand…the midfield was magical as was the team’s football values but Italy exposed the weaknesses

  5. FGalaxie

    Not a robbery, a wake up call, that you need tactics and defence.
    And its only Brazil ffs. not like they are a European country.

  6. hugodrax71

    Brazil 82 were a beautiful side but it had flaws…a poor goalkeeper, a weak defence and a mediocre centre-forward…Italy was a complete team

  7. MsPopota69

    n percebi mas ta bem… vai mas e levar na peida seu ganda filha da puta, paneleiro do caralho, vai lavar a cona da tua mae e lamber os colhoes ao teu pai seu ganda cabrao!!!
    italia e merda!!

  8. wisefelipe

    I’m not too sure if this team was better than 74 Germany or 86 Argentina but I agree about all the others.

  9. NumquamB

    ROTFL, Italy has never robbed anything in its footballing and non history,maybe you’re confusing with your German friends (1954:doping and 1990 non-existent penalty)

  10. ammad471

    rest in peace socrates from pakistan. he played the game the way its meant to be played.really sad times for our sport. first speed and now socrates

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