10 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Preview

  1. havehope

    Also, you realize in last world cup that Germany put FOUR goals past THREE different teams? Only just realized that before. FORGET possession football. They just need to advance their attacking game that be EFFECTIVE against teams like Spain who press and harrass you.

  2. havehope

    Okay, club football. Take Messi out of that Barca team…are they that good? Who is Madrid’s best and most vital player? A Portuguese manager and Portuguese winger. Euro 2008, yes, they deserved it. The World Cup…they did not play great football. Yes, they keep the ball well but does that equate to a great team? People just need to be realistic and see that possession football is not a great ideology.

  3. 26DeislerFCB

    they deserve respect, they dominate club and international football in a way never seen before in football; i wouldnt read to much into the friendly performances, but i believe they are a little bit in decline, while germany is heavily improving; i agree with your tactics against spain, thats the best way to beat them

  4. havehope

    They should not even respect them. Look at what Portugal and Argentina did to them…played them off the pitch. Germany just need to enhance their attacking game. So WHENEVER they get the ball, they attack and ATTACK HARD AND FAST. When they defend, just sit deep, then counter, very direct. Very easy to crack Spain’s tactics. Just need to use the ball properly and quickly when you have it.

  5. 26DeislerFCB

    the problem against spain, they dont give you the ball that easily, germany is right now obsessed to overcome spain, the respect is really huge; that could be a problem

  6. havehope

    And getting older. Saw them against England…..did not create A SINGLE chance in that first half. Germany need to BELIEVE and not give a fuck about anyone and just WIN.

  7. havehope

    Man, he can be. And he is young. But Baggio was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Give that man a SNIFF…he WILL score. And that man with ponytail KNOCKED MY NIGERIA OUT OF 94 WORLD CUP!!!! WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM FOR THAT!!!

  8. 26DeislerFCB

    favourite is germany and spain, right now i would bet on germany, most spanish players out of form or injured

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