7 thoughts on “Football Today: Euro 2012, Group C (Spain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia)

  1. WarriorDude1xyz

    “There is no genocide”.
    If ALL and ONLY Black countries in 1965 opened the borders and let hundreds of millions of non-Blacks into their countries. Then people in government/media tried to assimilate these non-Blacks into the Black population, and then 90 years later, Blacks are expected to be minorities in those countries; that’s not done by accident. It’s obviously a plan to wipe out the Black race. AKA genocide.
    This is what’s been done to my people, White people. It IS genocide. 

  2. Dmeaney92

    I feel Ireland wud b a threat to the group. As u no Ireland sud of been in da 2010 World Cup nd i feel had we gt in we wud of done great. Don’t 4get Greece won da Euros in 2004 wen no 1 had dem dwn to b Favs nd they had no “World Class” players. Ireland have troubled big teams in the past. Did u know Ireland was the only team who scored against Oliver Kahn who was at the time one of the best goalkeepers in the worlds. Ireland i believe have mre hunger than any of da teams in da group.

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