25 thoughts on “2010 Fifa World Cup Theme Song (South Africa)

  1. wrightnum3

    Who cares if its called SOCCER in the USA? Peanuts which causes a major allergic reaction that can be fatal to millions of people in world is called Brasil nuts in brasil and ground nuts in England, etc.That is a much more serious language problem.What if a kid say from the United States who has a peanut allergy travels to England and eats a shelless ground nut thinking that its not a peanut because its called ground nut.That kids in trouble. Now does soccer or Football really matter anymore?NO.

  2. WarhawkGR

    No it’s not called soccer, No it’s not called soccer, its real name is football, its real name is football, you americans suck, you americans suck, the same with your fag american football, the same with your fag american football

  3. MrFurkan71000

    super awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thanks spain and england xDé I’m from Turkey goods France and Italy

  4. XM3TSxFaNaT1cX

    @OrangeHatKidd yep fag yep haha at least i don’t watch a bunch of men in SHORT shorts checking each other out and when the score a goal they hump each other in the corner of the field

  5. OrangeHatKidd

    What? you’d rather watch a bunch of sweaty guys in shiny half tights crash into into each other for 5 seconds and then break for 3 minutes. No thanks.

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