25 thoughts on “FIFA 12 UEFA Euro 2012 – Spain v. Italy

  1. Angel Ernesto Gutierrez Cajiao

    I can not understand how any can like this fucking thing….The world is coming to an end if most of the viewers of Youtube preffers this fucking simulated thing to the real players…I HATE THIS THING!!! PEOPLE WITHOUTH BRAINS!!!

  2. Tell em

    Spanish Dude = Me = You Arabian Sh*t GO and make another kamikaze sh*t in america you little kamikaze american hating thing

  3. Tell em

    Spain vs Italy (Game) 0 – 2  Spain vs Italy 1-1 and then last match in real LIFE Spain vs Italy 4 – 0 PS: Soy un Espanol Vamos furiaroja

  4. MrBagiboom

    у меня тоже есть эта игра,я там италию порвал
    и в плей офф вышел

  5. Ali Rashid

    Umm… If this was actually Euro Cup 2012 Spain would have one and Italy would have scored none. It would really have been 4-0 Spain.

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