25 thoughts on “2010 World Cup: Italy vs New Zealand (full highlights)

  1. ForzaAquila

    I never said Italy was the best football team in the world. But if anything, Spain’s conquest of the Euro and the result of the final was misleading. The injury caused on Thiago Motta was a leading factor.

  2. Norm Donald

    oh o, so this makes italy the best football team in the world even though Spain is Euro and world champs….right

  3. TheCarlosis

    agreed by the rules it is, i woundnt of called on it but he put himself in that situation by holding the shirt in the first place.hate hollywoods though, destroys the game

  4. 10002Jordan

    Oh my god is it so hard, look where just going to have to agree to disagree. OK. last comment. This is now over.

  5. ArmTriangleChoke

    you’re arguing with me right now, so you’re lying again. you aren’t keeping a very good record here

  6. 10002Jordan

    I’m pretty sure i no more about my own life then some idiot who has no idea what he/she is talking about. look now can we finish this now, because I have better things to do then argue with some idiot who has got no idea.

  7. ArmTriangleChoke

    Nope. You’re wrong. You have never played football besides with your 5 year old sister in your yard.

  8. 10002Jordan

    Actually I have played football at levels probably higher then you. yes having your shirt pulled does slow you down, i agree with you there, but like i said there is no way possible someone pulling your shirt can make you fall over. oh wait, there is one way, if he DIVES ! ! !

  9. ArmTriangleChoke

    That’s because you’ve never played football in any level. Having your shirt pulled slows you/stops you from making a run. It can rarely pull you down but stopping a run is a foul and penalty.

  10. 10002Jordan

    yes, strictly speaking by the rules it is a penalty, but the fact is that happens all the time and its hardly ever paid. And even you have to admin the Italian guy dived. there is no way in the world that pulling someones shirt can cause someone to fall over

  11. RogueEagle

    Some of the other NZ players work other jobs, pro sport in this country isn’t like it is in Italy. On paper Italy should have beaten us, technicalities aside. That said NZ brought their best, and fighting against a higher class of team, we held our own.

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