25 thoughts on “David Platt’s finish ENGLAND vs BELGIUM ITALY 90 World cup

  1. DaveDaRave1980

    No way, this was the worst WC ever! Bore draws galore, red and yellow cards handed out for fun, top teams blatantly cheating and hounding the officials, cautious defensive play in almost every match. Italia 90 was one the poorest WCs of all time

  2. DaveDaRave1980

    Unnecessary racist comments about other nations ignored, that’s not true; all three WCs featuring Australia (1974, 2006 and 2010) were WAY better than Italia 90

  3. driffter1976

    It’s all an opinion isn’t it? All the 32 team World Cups have been atrocious if you ask me.

  4. Theocook1

    I quote: “nice little story englishman, but my point was england can never beat germany at a major tournament. 66 being the only exception.” You were talking about England there, or you would have wrote Scotland.

  5. Theocook1

    Um, England made it to the semis at Italia 90. Also, check out Euro 2000 – unless I’m very much mistaken, England defeated Germany by virtue of an Alan Shearer header.

  6. DaveDaRave1980

    I’m not English, I’m Australian! And I agree with you, Italia 90 was one of the worst World Cups ever. Low goalscoring, over-cautious defensive play and red and yellow cards handed out for fun. Memorable for all the wrong reasons

  7. DaveDaRave1980

    Belgium wwere a tough team, but they had lost already in the tournament to Spain in the group stages. They outplayed England in patches in this game before Platt’s goal sunk them in the dying seconds of extra time. But in truth, England should already have been home and dry by then – John Barnes’ earlier goal should have been allowed, as he was not offside (I’m not an England fan BTW, I say that as a neutral).  Had Barnes’ goal stood, the match may have flowed very differently

  8. butcherlier

    they should remove this from the internet, worst footballmoment in my life! (maybe together with belgium-brazil *thank you prendergast*)

  9. ericcantona99

    It was a long time ago mate, these things happen. England could have won the semi final against Germany, but Chris Waddle’s shot hit the post. I was 7 years old and it broke my heart, but these things happen.

    Belgium have some great players these days, I hope they make it to the world cup in 2014.

  10. Wildfox01

    I remember watching this in a crowded youth club! The organiser was threatening to kick anyone out, if they made too much noise! When Platt scored that wonder goal in the last minute of the game, he went absolutely historical! Fond world cup memories!

  11. seneca zeno

    This goal he scored after England was played away by Belgium during 119 minutes. Belgium didn’t scor during that time, they should have. Preud’homme, Belgium’s goal keeper was later chosen to be the best keeper of the tournament. Somehow it was a stunt for a substitute to score that goal because Belgium is a small country though at that tournament it had a big team. Any other team had problems by playing against them.

  12. gralto

    Watching this at the time in Australia, I remember Martin Tyler’s commentary so vividly –
    “David PLATT!!! And THAT could be THAT!!”
    Great tournament – great times.

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