25 thoughts on “1994 (July 17) Brazil 0-Italy 0 (World Cup)-penalty kick shootout.mpg

  1. biirdman89

    lol watching this makes my heart beat. Haha I was 4 years old when I watched this, with my mom and dad (one is italian and one is brazilian) there was soooo much tension haha

  2. Mistersensato

    Taffarel’s is the best brazilian goalkeeper ever. Brazil’s won the 94 cup most due to him.
    Thanks Taffarel.


    Weird when see a final game played in day time, its gonna be great when night, more epic i think 😀

  4. TH7

    Italy would have one this game if Sacchi would had played Signori instead of Massaro and brought on Zola instead of Alberigo Evani. Sacchi was a very imcompetent manager even though he won all those trophies at AC Milan, his tactics and selections failed miserably at international level and it was thanks to Baggio that Italy even got to the final.

  5. leadleader2023

    Yes because American Football stopping time and time again, and of course, Baseball the most boring sport ever, are more entertaining than “soccer” right? Just because you don’t “get” an art, doesn’t mean the art is painful: grow up.

  6. stubs96

    they kind of are “tie breakers” because the game is tied 0-0 until the penalty kicks break the tie.

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