24 thoughts on “Bad refereeing against Italy at 2002 World Cup

  1. uhjinlee

    JAPANESE are fuckin monkeys and I really hope English isn’t your first language because JAPANESE suck dick at speaking English. FUCK JAPAN

  2. JunheeJo1

    Although they were quite rough referees called foul for their tough play. So what????
    How you can say “nothing good” with this video??? Just say “I hate KOREA!”.

  3. Lighthousekeeper794

    Nothing good comes out when the Koreans are involved. Watch what they did in this year’s Olympic trial.

    Title: Rough play of Korea Women’s basketball Japan VS South Korea

  4. vindre7

    I think we can all agree 2002 world cup could have been best world cups ever with maldini totti and figo and Ronaldo romario ronaldinho but let’s be honest it was hosted by shitty asia and Korea and turkey came 3 rd & 4th worst world cup aside from brazil winning

  5. sabetsukokka

    Korean sports players make the world unhappy.
    “Crazy Korean Basketball Players”

  6. AlpacaNYC

    Byron Moreno is a shame to my country Ecuador, but at least Ecuador helped Italy pass the next round by defeating Croatia in our very FIRST World Cup victory 1-0!

  7. AlpacaNYC

    Faking a foul doesn’t null the foul. Referees from time to time let’s players dive or exagerate if a foul is present.

  8. jakeim27

    If you see carefully, Totti, started falling over before actual contact. In other words, he decided, after pushing forward the ball, to fake a foul by falling forward, making contact with South Koreas defender.

    He tried getting a penalty by acting out a very very convincing foul. Thats why he got a yellow card.

    Also, the video is so misleading. He didn’t get the worst red card. He got a second yellow, which i thought was quite deserving, which inevitably led to getting a red.

  9. Joe Hi

    Actually, the referee from Italy vs Spain game was the one receiving the Hyundai Car. It was not rigged by Korea. I bet you, you didn’t even watch the whole match. He received the gift for being a good referee not for being rigged.

  10. Jopari444

    The referee in the Korea vs Italy game received two domestic bans for crooked refereeing within a year after the World Cup. The referee in the Spanish game also retired shortly after the World Cup after Spanish newspapers accused him of accepting a Hyundai car as a “gift” on behalf of the Korean Football Association. 2002 World Cup was rigged by Korea, theres no question about it.

  11. liekabauz

    I laugh at those who say that the koreans or Italians cheated. It’s the refs fault not theirs you dumb fucks. Fucking ignorant one sided idiots are the ones who ruin the goodness of this world.

  12. beast158

    lol u mad?
    face it, people just mad tht an asian team managed to beat 2 euro team and go through.
    disallowed goals are always a part of the game, it happens so many times in football that i lost count. but becoz it happens to fall in favour for south korea, suddenly it’s cheating to the maximum altitude or bribery.
    plus history shows that the team that play better doesn’t alwys go through, but again since it’s an asian team, south korea, it has to be bribery.
    wow so much double standards.

  13. ihatewestlifesince99

    You’re right, I’ve never seen skunks in real life or met mexicans. The only places I visit in the US are Boston & NYC, ive never been to LA nor do I plan to. LA is a Mexican drug war, gang infested shithole. A good example of how a good city can be ruined if u thanks to illegal third world Mexican immigration

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