25 thoughts on “Australia vs Italy World Cup

  1. didiiscro

    yeah go back to watching afl, nrl and cricket you plastic fuckwit could have won the world cup lmao you know why you were in the game? because italy were wrongly given a red card you fuckwit. If Italy lost, that would have been an injustice. Look at the ref not giving a penalty against cahill in the first game after he equalised, look at the offside kewell goal vs croatia. You got calls yor way, deal with it bitch.

  2. xC0R5AR0x

    @wduncanator no we couldnt have..you wanna see a real dive look at besart berisha in the 2012 a league final

  3. tissueboxers

    This game still shits every Australian to date. Say what u want about australias coach but that reff made one on the worst calls in the history of FIFA

  4. claudio1caniggia

    These are the things i really hate about soccer .Cheating diving not feeling a bit of shame.
    That’s why we need to work whit camera”s if there is doubt somewhere stop the game for a minute and decide give the player a red card for diving extra time.

    It’s so sad that some arrogant mean/players destroy the beautifull game named soccer.
    Grozzos head should be chopped off.

  5. SarcoZQ

    Guus, idiot Dutch coach? I remember watching this game and the feeling of injustice done to Australia.

    But blaming the coach for the defeat? Who gave Australia their self-belief? Who led them through the play-off games against Uruguay(Semi Finalists 4 years later)?Who led them into the knock-out stage of the competition? Who had the tactical plan that had the later winner very close to elimination?
    He might be the best coach Australia ever had and will get in a long time.

  6. brisbanetim

    O’neil didn’t “dive”… he tried to knock the ball out of control of the Italian player. The Italian fell over the Australian when he could have just move around and purposefully took the penalty. You can’t sugar coat it. You say Italy have won 4 times? Well they couldn’t score once against that Australian team and had to cheat to win.

  7. vaughanp12

    Australia had Italy on their knees. Australia’s manager was a fucking idiot. Australia had this game wrapped up but he decided to not sub on any attacking players. In the end its not this penalty its the fucking idiot Dutch coach.

  8. bobsleigh10

    If you go to ground in the box, that is what can happen, I’m not saying it was a penalty, but I don’t think it was a dive, because contact has been made, it is the same as if a brick wall was there, if Grosso ran into it he would fall over, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a penalty, the same in this case the decision could have gone either way.

  9. MrDelaterre

    Sadly – in this world cup we learned that cheating pays. italy cheated in Australia game, the BS red cards and dirty play against the USA, and the final they were dirty with the French whole match, but officials do nothing….cheating is rewarded in football, hope one day they can stop it with videos and harsh punishments. When that day comes, Italy won’t win another cup!

  10. MacIlroy6

    fucking diving cunt neill was on the ground 2mins before he got there and he fell over fucking cunt

  11. yerna123

    no matter how many times i watch it, my opinion wont change…. but everyone has their own opinion i guess

  12. yerna123

    vaffanculo bastardo francese. italia campione del mondo 2006!! la francia è un paese di merda, l’italia sara meglio della francia per sempre

  13. damod15

    Dont know how you can still bitch about it stonewall penalty Neil knew exactly what he did look at his reaction

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