Review of Soccer Safari


There are quite a number of football themed slots games on offer at the various online casino pages these days, as more sports fans look to these sites as an alternative way of combining sporting and betting interests, but Soccer Safari is one that has lasted the course.
This five reel slot was originally launched back in 2006, and has a distinct World Cup flavour – although it would be fair to say that it takes an unusual approach to this subject. The premise for Soccer Safari is that of animals competing in an alternative version of this tournament.

Thus when you start the game up, you are greeted with a jungle football stadium background, and the quality of the graphics and video bringing this – and the lions, warthogs, cheetahs, buffalo, baboons etc – to life is pretty outstanding.

This becomes even clearer with the bonus game, where you have to try and score goals to win prize bonuses, but throughout the animated graphics capture the full comedy value behind the premise of the game. The animals participating include a lion, cheetah, warthog, buffalo, baboon and wolf, while the commentators are a giraffe and an elephant (with a sneaking resemblance to Gary Lineker), while the officious referee is a zebra.

This all makes for a fast-paced and funny game, and indeed it should have appeal beyond hardcore football fans, but Soccer Safari will also please those more interested in the casino aspects, for example online roulette at Gaming Club. There are both scatter and wild symbols – respectively the World Cup and Soccer Safari ones – and thirty pay lines, which go to ensure a good chance of a payout. There is also a free spins feature and a maximum jackpot of $8000, while you need only $0.01 per line to play, making it a cheap game to play. Overall then there is more than enough to please both slots and soccer fans with this game, which is why it has lasted so long.