Former Fiorentina manager Cesare Prandelli has said that he already has an idea of the squad he wants to utilise at the Confederations cup in the summer. Italy will be one of the nations playing the Confederations cup 2013, which will be a major exercise towards the FIFA World Cup 2014. This would help the team get acclimatised to the conditions, which will give them an advantage over other teams at the World Cup next summer. Prandelli is expected to take a squad that will contain a mixture of players, as he also wants to build the team for the future.

Prandelli has suggested that the under 21 side will have a crucial role to play in the senior squad that will be taken to the Confederations cup. He expects the number of players to be included from the under 21 team, who have been performing really well in recent months. He has also dismissed talk about his future by saying that Italian managers do not always have job security. He wants to only look at the immediate future, which involves doing well at the Confederations cup and the World Cup. A number of players like Stephan El Shaarawy and Mario Balotelli have been made as important part of the first team by Prandelli.

“They are two very important tournaments, so we will wait until the end of the season. We have already worked out the two groups, but we want to wait a little longer. We don’t want to take anything away from the Under-21 side, nor remove those two or three who can already form part of the senior Italy squad. My future? In Italy it is our nature to have Coaches always hanging by a thread. Milan know how to deal with their players,” said Cesare Prandelli.