25 thoughts on “Italy vs. Russia World Cup 1998 Qualifier

  1. Сергей Мякишев

    Russia should take then in 1997 the first place in their group, poor judge in away match with Bulgaria with five (!) not assigned penalty shot

  2. ChrisakacIoud

    Anyone know the name of the english commentator? always liked his commentary but can’t remember his name!

  3. truvianni

    typical ignorant American comments, difficult weather conditions like this are harder for the forwards because they have to beat the defense and it also makes the ball much harder to control. All defenders have to do is wait back and send the ball as far away from their goal.

  4. Indul1

    I think the loss of Christian Vieri was terrible for Italy remember the two chances del Pierio missed….In saying that remember Vieri missed an open goal against South Korea in 2002.

  5. Indul1

    How sad that Vieri at the peak of his powers was injured on the eve of Euro 2000, i believe he had been the highest scorer in Serie A that year until then. His left and right foot worked both well, in world cup 2002 his right foot was rubbish, yet in 98 he could score with both feet. They would have won the tournament with him.

  6. dragannov

    Buffon is the best goalkeeper of all times ..
    ther’s no doubt of that..
    he is not from this planet..
    he is a reptile

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