24 thoughts on “Italy – Serbia Hooligans Ultras Ruin Football Match – 2012 Qualifiers

  1. RollerCoasterSRB

    Serbia ♥
    Russia ♥
    Poland ♥
    SLAVIC PRIDE! SLAVIC HOOLS! Love you brothers, see you in Poland this year!

  2. 33333333333333331993

    people stop talking shit if you think your hooligans are better than our come to BELGRADE and meet DELIJE &GROBARI hahahah and dont say i didnt warn you


  3. cirosuperiore

    no reason to stop a game. they were not on the field…if they are crazy they are crazy in their side of the field…

  4. WhisperEyePD

    Respond to this video…our culture is based on oldest university in world that your pope stole from us with your crusades all with our money and gold from Constantinople too… who is greedy and savage there? who like to forget some oldest history here? fuck you europe with all of you blind people in there from one Serb Patriot and Nationalist!!!!!!

  5. WhisperEyePD

    your on popes greed for orthodox and balcan, yugoslav, serb money in constatinople! holly gral is nothing but all that we have 1000 years before you! you mother fuckers and pervert pope ass lickers, incest born idiots, and nandertals!

  6. KINOEYE83

    I hate all fucking jugoslavs, muslim or kristian does not matter, you culture is fucked up , but i dont blame you, your history is bilt on war and rape, so stop pointing fingers at eachother, kosovo and serbia= same fucking savage people

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