25 thoughts on “Italy – 2006 World Cup Highlights

  1. hockeyandsoccer4ever

    @octopielol if your going to insult a nation of people you should probably get it right to avoid looking like a misguided idiot

  2. thebitterend90

    il cielo è blu sopra berlino! the sky is blue over Berlin! <3 what a night! one of the best =)

  3. birdysfly26

    people can bitch all they want. in the end italy is the greatest team in europe with 4 world cups. u dont win a world cup by flopping. lol in 06 they only gave up two goals a pen and an own goal. greatest football team in europe, haters are jealous
    FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. fingo92

    i have 4 world cups you have only the coppa del nonno 66 eheheheheh…..loosers people like you don’t know what mean win a world cup, i ‘m one of the few that know the happiness of winning a world cup, you are only a jealoous complexed loosers ehehehhe ….bye byeeee ;)…..italia ****

  5. lmfaoatthat

    we have won thr world cup and spain are better than you,, YOU NEVER WON 1 GAME AT WORLD CUP 2010 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. fingo92

    italy always will be the best team in europe with 4 world cups, only brasil is better of us…..you are only a little jealous with no world cup, you dont know what is football or passion for football….eheheheh…..italia **** 1234

  7. lmfaoatthat

    your right were loosers , but at least at we won 1 game at world cup italy lost 2 and drew 1 and never got through and i dont live on england 1 lucky 66 win ,, were rubbish but i can admit that, italy? lol been shit since 2006 and allways will be

  8. fingo92

    italy is the best national team in history of europe with 4 world cups ;)…spain and england have only 1 cup, that’s why all loosers like you are jealous of us eheheh….byebye…and you know that in the championship of 66 england have cheated in the final match of world cup with a ghost goal??ehehehhe LOOSERS…..italia ****

  9. lmfaoatthat

    no1 is jealous of italy, since 2006 they got worse , did you see them in world cup 2010? lmao ,, spain are the best

  10. fszron

    Italy had the slowest attacking midfielders in the tournament. No speed to overtake a man. After their fixing scandal in 2006, I wasn’t surprised to see the Italy x Australia controversy…. controversy follows these people everywhere they go.

  11. HeyFORZA

    World Cup 2002 was defently fixed for South Korea so Korea did cheat all thanx to Fifa help so Italy was not to blame, even Spain e Portugal got screwed….

  12. TH3b3st7

    @SteelMantle There was match fixing in south Korea due to the low attendance of domestic figures FIFA fixed Koreans matches so that it would get more people to watch the games. And Korea also fucked over portugal and spain

  13. octopielol

    Italy is a corrupt country. They had Berlusconi the thief as their prime minister. Juventus was downgraded to Serie B due to FIXED games. Mafia Materazzi provoked Zidane insulting his family. Italy is such a disgusting nation full of thives. Italy is not even white. Some dark Moorish midgets claiming to be European, but darker than the Turks.

  14. mrlucasfilms

    thank you for giving grandpa the greatest birthday present ever italy winning the world cup

  15. SteelMantle

    2002 World Cup – Italy ruins South Koreas reputation with false claims of Match Fixing.
    2006 World Cup – Italy Cheats, Dives, Whines and Complains against Australia.


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