Giampiero Ventura clearing his Stand on Andrea Barzagli


Giampiero Ventura has clarified that his decision of allowing Andrea Barzagli to leave the national squad had nothing to do with any kind of agreement that he had with his club Juventus.

After the game against Albania which they won by the margin of a couple of goals, Italy had to play another game in three days’ time. So the squad had to stay together and there was no question of any player to be released.

However, Barzagli left the squad much to the surprise of the Italian supporters.

It was suspected that Ventura, who is in charge of the Italian team, might have agreed with Juventus to send the defender back to them for the vital game against Napoli and it was because of that agreement that he let Barzagli go.

But, as per Ventura, there wasn’t a mutual consent between him and the Juventus management and there is never a possibility of that because for him, nothing is a bigger priority than the Italian national side.

Ventura couldn’t believe that people are making such stories by themselves. He revealed that the real reason was that Barzagli had some private issues and when a player has private issues, he can’t be forced to stay. He has to be allowed to go to his family.

When asked about the recent viral photograph of Barzagli in which he is seen with a Disco jockey, Ventura admitted that he was taken aback by that photograph himself when it was brought to his notice initially because he thought it was of a late night party and he was not impressed by it at all, but, then after inquiring, he came to know that there was nothing like that and the photo was not clicked late night in a disco. So, he closed the matter.