25 thoughts on “England 2-1 Italy – Jermain Defoe’s Amazing Goal | FATV

  1. MrTinchoel8

    watching something through this angle is so much different than watching it on tv. they look like regular people at the park here. haha

  2. TheFawly84

    I did watch the game, I didn’t say that Jermain isn’t a good goal scorer I just said that he won’t be number 1 because he isn’t number 1 for his club. Defoe has scored 17 goals in 50 england games, thats a conversion of 0.34 goals per game. Rooney has scored 29 in 75 games. Thats a conversion of 0.39 goals per game. The stats speak for themselves.

  3. Theocook1

    Yet he still scores for England, as you would know had you watched tonight’s match against Moldova. England need him

  4. TheFawly84

    Yeah but Defoe isn’t even the first choice striker at his club. No hes never going to be 100% sharp and match fit etc.

  5. Trulyloyale

    You’re right 100% , I agree with you : scoring is the ultimate essence of football , in fact I really appreciated English media when they criticized Spain on last Euro 2012 and blamed the spanish football as deadly boring due to its attitude of staying far from rival’s box .

  6. David Edwards

    Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that, even from the most basic of football right upto international level, if you don’t score goals you can’t win. England scored twice, Italy once.

  7. MrManguy17

    ok, if you say so, I didnt see the match, just highlights, and from what I saw england deserved to win despite all that has been said

  8. Trulyloyale

    Had destro been less selfish and crappy peluso had not been put into the squad , it would have been 3-1 x Italy on 1st half when seven Italy’s debutants outplayed england and 5-2 at final whistle looking at respective score chances , all that not mentioning a penalty x Italy ignored by the ref. due to an handball .
    But this was an insignificant middle auguts friendly and nobody is surprised of the English concept of fairness anymore since it looks so 1way blind & odd …..;-)

  9. MrManguy17

    to be fair, if lescott was less clumsy it would have been 4-1, deserved win regardless of how many regular internationals there were or werent

  10. Aidan Hamman

    After all that Jermain Defoe has been through, it is fantastic to see him scoring and playing with a smile on his face! Top lad, top player.

  11. TheCulturalBomb

    The more you watch Rooney in an England shirt the worse it gets. He’s so poor, he’s not an out and out striker like we need. He tries to do what Man United doea with him

  12. Theocook1

    People always said Rooney was the successor to Michael Owen, a true great who would lead us to glory, but he really isn’t. Did he always score right when he was needed, like Owen did ( against… Argentina x3, Germany x3, Brazil)? No he doesn’t. Defoe on the other hand… (against… Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy last night). Defoe is a striker who you can rely on to score. He should be our main striker.

  13. TheDiceOfSpice

    Im a man united fan and I agree with that, god knows why jermaine defoe wasnt given a starting place at the euros, he is much better than welbeck and carroll

  14. Martin St. Hill

    It’s about debutants in terms of caps, Cleverley was indeed called up but did not play last time. In that case, it’s easy to point out Cleverley, Butland, Ruddy, Bertrand, Caulker and Livermore as debutants.

  15. Jacob Davies

    @hboy2000uk Defoe is sick, but Rooney has 29 England goals so you can’t say he dosen’t score..

  16. westaft

    It’s been known for ages that we can’t perform on the big stage when the pressure and expectation is on we did good in group stage at euro as no one as expecting anything then suddenly the belief was on and we folded

  17. mikey0108

    As much as I agree that we (England) are over rated I can’t help but point out that ashley young was the only player who started this game as the one in the euros. Personally I prefer the team that played last night to the one we took to the euros, all I’d add is walcott, gerrard and terry.

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