16 thoughts on “England 2-1 Italy – Adam Johnson’s Amazing Warm Up Goal | FATV

  1. cristiano Ronaldo

    For those saying how is that amazing? Try do that and get into the top corner, Would beat any keeper.

  2. Jordan Rhodes

    he needs to leave city asap, hes too good to be a benchwarmer. needs to go somewhere like newcastle

  3. The Kruxed

    i cant believe i still have to explain this lol

    that guy said he played well! he didnt play well

    end of

  4. shanef145

    for the part where he curls a free kick into the top corner with pace, and yes there was no wall but it had the height to get over a 6 man wall full of Peter Crouch’s

  5. The Kruxed

    as i said, apart from a couple of dribbles in an entire match. the point is he did not play well

  6. The Kruxed

    he was actually quite poor apart from a few nice dribbles. constantly shanked his defensive duties which led to italy creating chances, constantly gave the ball away with failed dribbles and short or long passes.

    i like the guy, but come on he did not play well

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