25 thoughts on “Brazil v Italy 1982 World Cup – One of the greatest games (and commentaries) of all time

  1. montelatici

    My father, still alive, has witnessed 4 Italian World Cup wins. I have only been alive for 2. I hope I will live long enough to witness 4 Italy World Cup wins. That would give us 6. We are better than Brazil, have always been. Baggio missed that penalty or else we would be equal today with Brazil.

  2. dogshy61

    One of my most vivid football memories. Easily one of the best World cup games ever. Forza Italia!

  3. thestick52

    I disagree with your statements!!! No one ever said that Brazil defense was weak before their loss against Italy! Considering the fact that they played offensive football and scored 15 goals in 5 matches, why should 6 goals against them give you the right to consider their back line “mediocre”? Call it a fatality instead and ask yourself why that 30 years later, almost the whole world still regret the best team never to win the World Cup. Greetings from sunny Florianópolis, Brazil.

  4. targa florio

    The death of full-scale attacking football. Brazil’s national side was never the same after this. Huge loss but what a game. Goosebumps.

  5. xpat73

    No idea why the Brazil 1982 team are called a great team. Their defense was mediocre and their attack was great. That does not make a good team!

  6. rc2869

    What a match – 2 great heavyweight teams in a play till the death slug fest. This was football at its’ very best. I wanted Brazil to win but had huge respect for the way Italy played against them and just about deservedly won. The line ups – Zico, Socrates, Junior, Falcao, Zoff, Cabrini, Tardelli, Rossi. Brilliant – a game which will never ever be forgotten as long as human beings exist.

  7. AntnyDsmn

    Starring some of the best Brazilian footballers of all time – Zico, Socrates and Junior–and they still lost this game.

    Fratelli d’Italia; l’Italia s’e desta; dell’elmo di Scipio; s’e cinta la testa; dov’e la vittoria?; Le porga la chioma; che schiava di Roma; Iddio la creo.; Stringiamoci a coorte; siam pronti alla morte; SIAM PRONTI ALLA MORTE; l’Italia chiamo. SI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Indul1

    one more point, john motson said when he looked at the Brazilian players at the start of the game he knew their would never going to play for the one point, modern world counter attacking football was born that day, the idea that a team would do that now is almost a criminal offence…..

  9. Indul1

    a great great match, i recall the falcao equaliser….junior did the donkey work but he still was not in a good position to score, how he fired in from that angle…!!!!!

  10. Xboxmoder1470

    Italy wuz great that year. So don’t bitch about sumtin that happened years ago.

  11. aureliomega

    “La mia parata migliore? Ad Italia-Brasile dell’82: il famoso colpo di testa di Oscar nel finale. Volo e blocco a terra quella palla, sapendo che non esiste altra soluzione. So di averla presa in campo e non oltre la linea, ma è terribile l’istante in cui aspetto di capire se anche l’arbitro ha visto bene, mentre i brasiliani già gridano gol”.

    Avevo 12 in quello mondiale. Non dimenticheró mai. Tanti auguri Dino e tante grazie!!!

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