24 thoughts on “Argentina – Cameroon World Cup 1990 Italy 2nd half

  1. diegomartinperez1

    Shame on such dirty soccer. Anyway, I like some african players, JJ Okocha, the coolest 😉 Saludos de un argentino.

  2. wisejim83

    i’m from Kenya & remember watching this then as a 7yr old boy. i’ve never forgotten that match, & most importantly, that goal that set Cameroon on course to making history & bringing much jubilation to us Africans.

  3. joeachillo

    ehhhhh Michel Vautrot, i remember the referee’s name,The french guy didn’t do us any good,the first red card was bullshit!!!

  4. Eaglesfanmd

    to me cameroon played like the second best team in the competition. they should have played west germany in the semis and the winner would have deserved the championship 

  5. DadoReal

    Morocco made it in 1986 and became first african country to reach round of 16,Cameroon became first african country to reach quarterfinals in 1990,Senegal did it twelve years later in world cup 2002 and Ghana did it in 2010 and was so close to reach the semifinals!!!

  6. itali1122

    احياناً القتاليه هي من تجلب الأنتصار مع التوفيق من الله سبحانه وتعالى وهذا ماحصل للمنتخب الكامروني اللي قاتل وتووفق في المباراة بهدف مقابل لاشيئ لمنخب الأرجنتين حامل اللقب,,,,وخصوصاً ماردونا,,,

  7. mazuljce

    4:13 – When Cameroon n° 10 is being substituted… Look at Caniggia in the background, spitting in his side, as a sign of contempt.

  8. splardybutt23

    6:33 for all people trying to find that Argentinian player going past 2 then being scooped by the third!

  9. zodyce

    It’s true about Germany and even Brazil but definitely not about Argentina. Argentina are not favoured by the refs. People always talk about Maradona’s handball in 86 but they forget that in 1990 the ref robbed Argentina in the final by awarding Germany a ridiculous penalty 5 minutes from time, then the same in 1998 against England in the first half after a massive dive by Owen, then the same again against England in 2002 (another dive by Owen) and then in 2006 against Germany.

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