Antonio Conte excited to manage Chelsea


The Italy coach Antonio Conte said that he cannot wait to manage Chelsea.

Italy was eliminated in the quarter-final by Germany and Antonio Conte stated that he does not have any regret for leaving the job. He believes that he will experience as much emotion at Chelsea as he has with the Italy national team.

He said that he has no regret for leaving Italy and that he had made the announcement quite early. However, he admitted that there was some moment where he wanted to come back to his decision and continue the adventure with Italy but because of certain factors he could not do that.

Antonio Conte said that was proud of the performance of the Italian team at the Euros and that he stated that there is also no regret in the way they were eliminated.

Antonio Conte declared that he likes the passion and pressure associated with club football, and this is why he has accepted Chelsea’s offer. He said that he had a talk with the president of the Italian national team, and he had made it clear that he want to manage Chelsea.

When asked whether he will manage the Italian national team again, he said that it is very unlikely as he wants to focus on club management. He said that his future lies with Chelsea and that he will do everything he can in order to bring back the glory days at Chelsea. He believes that he has a strong squad and that there might be some additional players coming in the summer.

For the time being, he wants to take some time off and replenish his energy before starting to work with Chelsea. He said that it would be a difficult challenge, but he stated that he is ready for it.